Wednesday, January 16, 2013

My Character Flaw

This is where I should have a post about something book-ish but honestly, I'm tired, worn-down, and have the post-Christmas, winter-doldrum blues.

I'd rather be on a sandy beach with the sun shining down on me and a warm breeze blowing through my hair.

Instead, the sky is gray, it's been raining off and on and the temperature is too cool for my liking.

Normally that kind of weather would inspire me to write more; a perfect atmosphere for the characters I write and the worlds they live in.

Today, however, I'd rather take a nap and press the reset button. I suppose that's my biggest character flaw - I have a hard time working if the environment isn't perfect.

What about you?

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Ann Marie Meyers said...

Oh Amie, I don't see that as a major character flaw at all. You must be perfect! :)
I think we all have it in us to be 'lazy' at times, but then our drive kicks in and we get back on target.