My Very First Wedding Cake and Why It's Like A Book

This past week I devoted my time to making a wedding cake for a friend. This was my very first attempt at a wedding cake and I was just a little stressed about it. Okay, a LOT stressed. Thankfully the lady I made the cake for was not a total bridezilla and she was happy with the finished product! PHEW.

Much like writing a book, this cake needed a plan. 

First:  I had to decide (or in this case, agree on) an overall concept.  For this cake it was three tiered and each layer a different flavor.  The cake would be covered in white fondant and accented with silver trim and Sapphire blue flowers. 

Second: I had to execute that plan in a step-wise process; baking the cakes, whipping the frosting, rolling the fondant, creating flowers.

Third: I had to prioritize my time.  Segments of my day needed to be dedicated to working on specific phases of the cake.  Some days I only accomplished a few steps, other days I tackled something huge, like the 3 F's - fill, frost and fondant!  Honestly, the 3 F's are a lot like the muddy middle in's boring, tedious work but it needs to be done - and executed correctly - otherwise the whole thing flops, slides or tips!

In the end, if I've followed all the proper steps, my cake will be a success.  Sometimes it doesn't exactly turn out as planned, usually with a pleasant surprise or happy accident which changed the course of the final outcome.  Other times it comes out exactly as I had envisioned.

Every single time I've made a cake (or written a manuscript) one phrase repeats in my mind, "What did I get myself into?! I'm never doing this again!"

But then I step back, admire my work and think, "It was worth it."

Months later when inspiration for another cake (book) strikes, the only words I hear are, "It wasn't so bad last time. I can do it again!"

And I do!

How about you? Do you ever wonder what you've gotten yourself into when you start another manuscript? What keeps you pressing forward?


Angie said…
I wonder what I've gotten myself into every time! Beautiful cake!
The cake looked amazing, Amie - just like your books!!!
Elsie Park said…
I tried making a fondant covered cake once . . . yeah . . . I called it my "fondant flop" - LOL - Your cake turned out gorgeous! I'm writing a new story now, but I had trouble starting it because I feel I must have names, ages, time periods, clothing, historical facts and places organized before starting the actual writing. While I'm putting all my preliminaries together, I wonder what I'm getting myself into, but somehow, little by little, I keep going and I'm happy to say that I started writing the manuscript just last week and it's coming along.
Oh, Amy! It's beautiful!

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