The Great Cinderskella Giveaway #3!

It's the 26th of March and that means only 7 more months until Cinderskella is released!!


If you go back to this post, you might remember my promise to bring you a contest each and every month until my release date of October 26th, 2013!!   So here I am again with another great giveaway!

This month's prize is a copy of Skeleton Man by Joseph Bruchac*!!

From IndieBound:
Ever since the morning Molly woke up to find that her parents had vanished, her life has become filled with terrible questions. Where have her parents gone? Who is this spooky old man who's taken her to live with him, claiming to be her great-uncle? Why does he never eat, and why does he lock her in her room at night? What are her dreams of the Skeleton Man trying to tell her? There's one thing Molly does know. She needs to find some answers before it's too late.

Remember, you DO have to enter today's drawing in order to be eligible for October's grand prize of a 7inch KINDLE FIRE!!! (or an amazon gift card in the amount of $199.00)

If you enter every contest here on the 26th of each month, you'll be automatically entered to win the grand prize on October 26th!! But you have to enter every month to have the best chances of winning. Because remember, you won't be allowed to enter in October. All the entries will be tallied together from the previous months and one name will be drawn at that time!

For the full contest rules, be sure to read them here.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*book is lightly used


Kittie Howard said…
Your enthusiasm is contagious, Amie. I hope your book rocks the charts. But I've already got a KF and pass on entering.
Niki Moss said…
Another exciting giveaway! I look forward to seeing what you come up with each month! :)

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