We're In A News Documentary!

A few months back I mentioned that Bethanie and I had some pretty big news. Well, today, I can share that excitement with you!

VOA news - one of the largest internet news resources for the DC, MD and VA area - did a small piece on archery and its comeback due to the influence of movies and books on youth.  As an author, let me just say how awesome it is that books are influencing kids in great ways!  As a mom, it is even cooler that my daughter was featured in that news documentary!

You can watch the video and read the news article here:  http://www.voanews.com/content/archery-comeback-hollywood/1622130.html  

We were told a film crew would be there, filming the facility and interviewing my daughter's instructor, but we had no idea they would follow Bethanie around for 2 hours! 
From the moment the camera man and news anchor arrived, they were right there with Bethanie, filming every shot she took.  It was a bit nerve wracking for her, but she did well despite the pressure.

Unfortunately, I was completely unprepared for an interview and was caught entirely off-guard.  Awkward!  At least I showered that morning ;)  After watching myself on camera I realize I need to take some public speaking classes! LOL.

It was a great experience for us both and perhaps a bit of preparation for book signings and public speaking.

On a side note, many of you are aware of Bethanie's disabilities,  While we know she has ADD/ADHD there's been some speculation about the autism spectrum.  You can read more about that and our journey as a mother-daughter writing team on Ann Marie's blog today. http://www.annmarie-meyers.com/2013/04/when-disabilities-become-ability.html



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