Mother-Daughter Duos

When I wrote Cinderskella with my daughter, I thought it was great fun. I also realized how lonely it was writing as a team, never really fitting in to any one mold. Most agents weren't interested in signing a child author and I began to feel as though there was no place in the book industry for mother-daughter writing teams (especially ones with very young daughters, as mine was 9 at the time).

Sometimes I felt like giving up.  I couldn't follow the path that so many others had walked.  Even though I wanted to, it seemed hopeless because the industry was so tough for child authors.  An agent once told me to remove my daughters name from the manuscript because "agents look at that as a fun hobby, not as something serious."  As well-intending as that agent was, it never felt right to abandon my daughter and a project we loved so much.  Furthermore, I couldn't betray her trust.

What I needed to realize - and did after quite some time - is that not all paths to publishing are the same!

After we signed our contract with Jolly Fish Press I found a welcome home there, not only with the editorial staff and publicity team, but with my publishing siblings as well.  Even though I do all the emails, conversations and social networking, my editor and publicist never fail to ask about Bethanie, send her encouraging words and congratulate her on victories.

Recently I started investigating mother-daughter teams and realized I wasn't quite as alone as I'd once thought. In fact, there are many famous mother-daughter co-authors! Including the ones I had the honor of interviewing over at The Mixed-Up Files!  Sheryl Berk is a NYTimes bestselling author and she co-writes The Cupcake Club with her daughter, Carrie!  They are truly inspiring and a testament that as long as you set your mind to something, and work hard, you can accomplish it!  I hope you'll stop by MUF today and learn a little more about this creative mother-daughter team!  We mother-daughter duos can use all the support we can get!


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