The Great Cinderskella Giveaway #5!

It's the 26th of May and that means only 5 more months until Cinderskella is released!!


If you go back to this post, you might remember my promise to bring you a contest each and every month until my release date of October 26th, 2013!! So here I am again with another great giveaway!

This month I have a pretty awesome prize, if I do say so myself. But first, let me tell you a bit about the creator.

Stina creations is the coolest boutique in upstate New York! The owner, Christina, makes beautiful headbands and barrettes. She has some of the most unique products I've ever seen! But the best part is that she creates custom orders. All you have to do is contact her through Facebook, and she'll work with you on a one-of-a-kind hair accessory!

That's just what I did for this month's prize! The headband we've created combines the best elements of Cinderskella.  In the book, Cindy wears a bow barrette.  So the headband has a cute bow.  But Cindy isn't a girly-girl. She's spunky and fun and walks to the beat of her own drummer.  The hair accessory really had to reflect that.  Since Cindy's favorite color is blue we knew that needed to be incorporated into the design.  See for yourself!

Plus, we're both so smartical, we knew little girls in the middle-grade age group would really love this prize.  We also know that most girls this age have an American Girl there's a headband custom made for a doll as well!!

Do you know a little girl who would LOVE these headbands?  A daughter, niece, granddaughter or family friend? Why not enter and win the prize for them? Better yet, it would make a wonderful gift bundled together with the book, Cinderskella! Win the headbands now and save it for later when the book comes out. Or give them to the little girl in your life now to build her excitement for Cinderskella! 
She can wear them in pride knowing she's the only one to own these unique headbands created just for the book release! 

How ExCiTiNg is that??!!

Remember, you DO have to enter today's drawing in order to be eligible for October's grand prize of a 7inch KINDLE FIRE!!!(or an amazon gift card in the amount of $199.00)

If you enter every contest here on the 26th of each month, you'll be automatically entered to win the grand prize on October 26th!! But you have to enter every month to have the best chances of winning. Because remember, you won't be allowed to enter in October. All the entries will be tallied together from the previous months and one name will be drawn at that time!

For the full contest rules, be sure to read them here.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

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I always get excited when I see someone with my name and with the way I spell it (except I spell the full name with a K not a c). :D
Becky said…
This is adorable!!! What a great way to celebrate your book--can't wait to read it! = )
Amie Borst said…
It's a cool spelling, Stina!

Thanks for stopping by, Kelly. :)

Thanks, Becky! I can't wait for you to read it!
Leandra Wallace said…
What a creative and fun giveaway! But my little boy would only like to chew on the cute headband- and I don't have any nieces. =(
KatieC said…
What fun! My girls would love the headband :).
I had a lot of fun making these. @ Stina great nickname.:). I love it too and not many people call me Stina.

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