The Great Cinderskella Giveaway #7!

Summer has been a whirlwind filled with camps (6 to be exact!), vacations and projects...which almost made me forget about this month's Cinderskella giveaway! Eek!! How could I forget something so monumental? Because, guess what? There's only 3, yes, that's right, THREE months before the release of Cinderskella!! Yup, October 26th is quickly approaching!
If you go back to this post, you might remember my promise to bring you a contest each and every month until my release date!  

(Yes, its perfectly fine to do a happy dance!)
So, you're probably asking yourself, "What does Amie have for us THIS month?"
Well, I have something pretty cool. At least I think so.
In my house, we're movie fanatics. We love to watch movies as a family and the best part is deciding which film to view for our movie night!
We're huge Tim Burton fans, so there's bound to be one of his awesome films among the selection. One of our favorites is The Corpse Bride. Parts of the film fanned the flames of inspiration for Cinderskella. So as a way to recognize Mr. Burton for his awesomeness, we're giving away a DVD of The Corpse Bride!!

As a bonus, we're including a copy of Wendy Mass' middle-grade book, Twice Upon a Time, Sleeping Beauty, The One Who Took the Really Long Nap!*
Why am I giving away Sleeping Beauty when my book is a retelling of Cinderella?  Because Wendy Mass is awesome. That's why! Duh!

Remember, you DO have to enter today's drawing in order to be eligible for October's grand prize of a 7inch KINDLE FIRE!!!(or an amazon gift card in the amount of $199.00)

If you enter every contest here on the 26th of each month, you'll be automatically entered to win the grand prize on October 26th!! But you have to enter every month to have the best chances of winning. Because remember, you won't be allowed to enter in October. All the entries will be tallied together from the previous months and one name will be drawn at that time!

For the full contest rules, be sure to read them here.

So what are you waiting for? Enter now!

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*book is lightly used


eliza said…
My favorite movie from Tim Burton recently has been corpse bride. But I do like Edward scissorhands, Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas or Beetlejuice.
Niki Moss said…
THREE MORE MONTHS! It's getting so close now. And it'll be just in time for me to spend my birthday money on it, too. Perfect! :)

My favorite Tim Burton would have to be a tie between Beetlejuice and Edward Scissorhands. And if I had to choose...Johnny Depp will win out over Michael Keaton any day.
Amie Borst said…
Nice Eliza! Those are great choices and some of my favorites, too! We also like the new Alice in Wonderland and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.

Niki, I couldn't agree more! If I'm ever lucky enough to have Tim Burton make Cinderskella into a movie, Johnny Depp has to play Ethan or Cindy's dad! That would be epic.
Berk Washburn said…
My niece (Andy's daughter) insisted on a Corpse Bride wedding cake--made from Rice Krispies treats. The desiccated bride and groom atop the cake took the show.
Amie Borst said…
Berk - that sounds so incredible! I'd love to see pictures!
Shawna said…
Ouu that's kinda tough! but i'd have to say the classic! Nightmare before Christmas.. though I really do love the corpse bride!!
Thanks for the giveaway beauty xx
Shawna Lynn Maxwell!

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