What Does an Email 'PING' Mean to Authors?

A few days ago an email pinged in my inbox. We authors know how exciting an email ping is, now don't we? First it starts off with agents and manuscript requests, then moves up to publishers and edits and then...then it's the really big stuff.  Stuff like book launches, signings and EVENTS!!

Never in a million years did I think any opportunities would come our way. So when my inbox pinged I didn't expect much. A note from my hubby perhaps. Inspiration from my CP's. A kind word from my mom or my friends.  And yes, even spam.

No, I never expected an email entitled "Event Request" forwarded to me from my publicist. Because, honestly,  I'm just so happy to know our book will be out there soon, in readers hands, that everything else is just icing on the cake. Perhaps maybe that's exactly what makes my announcement so exciting.  I didn't have any expectations.  But now...now?  Well, now, I'm beyond thrilled! And I can't wait a moment longer to announce it!

Bethanie and I were invited to be Guest Presenters at the 
2013 Lititz Kid-Lit Festival
in Lancaster county, PA!! 

The event takes place November 8-10th and we'll have a fun presentation prepared on Saturday, November 9th about writing as a parent/child team!  We'll also have a book signing and a feature display at Aaron's books, the hosting bookstore!! 

Previous years included some pretty amazing presenters like Tom Angleberger, author of The Strange Case of Origami Yoda! Here's a link to last year's event.

We're honored to be included with other wonderful authors.  But even more exciting is the opportunity to introduce readers to our book!

A big thanks to Aaron's books for hosting an incredible event and being inspired to invite us! I love indie bookstores, like Aarons! You gueyses RAWK!


Elsie Park said…
WAAAAYYYY AWESOME, you two! So excited for ya!!!
That sounds like such fun for you and your daughter!
Amie Borst said…
Thanks Elsie! We are pretty excited, too!

Karen - I'm sure it will be great fun once the nerves wear off!
Anonymous said…
You are like the coolest person I know! I adore you and cannot wait to see your book and buy it, and touch it, and sleep with it (yes I'll take pictures... and yes, i will be clothed).

I so wish I lived in PA!
Awesome!!!!!! You both deserve it - sooo happy for you.

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