They Really DO Exist!

Early last week I had quite the entertaining interesting email exchange.
My daughter is new to soccer this year and I was inquiring about uniforms.  And, well, read on to find out more...

         I ordered uniforms well over a week ago.  Could someone tell me why have I not received them yet? It would be nice to finally have them so my daughter
doesn't have to keep missing games.


         This is the first email we have received from you.
What type of information are you asking for?

          Ummm...I take it you didn't read my email.
Again, I asked when I was going to receive my daughter's uniforms. I ordered them well over a week ago.
           Hopefully your daughter is not missing any games due to the uniform.
Are you kidding me?! *HEAD DESK*  Yes, internet, they do exist.


Meredith said…
Ugh. So frustrating!

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