One Month Until The Lititz Kid-Lit Festival!!!

It's hard to believe that the months have flown by so quickly and there is only one month until Bethanie and I are guest presenters at the Lititz Kid-Lit Festival in Lancaster County, PA. Thanks to Aaron's books - an incredible indie bookstore that has hosted this festival for five years - for giving us this opportunity!  

What is even more incredible is that our publisher, Jolly Fish Press, our editor, Christopher Loke and our publicist, Kirk Cunningham believed in us so much that they encouraged us to take this engagement way back in the first week of August! They helped make the arrangements and everything!

I can't believe that we'll have a signing, too and we'll have loads of books to sign!!  We'll probably get cramps in our hands! LOL! (Honestly, I hope we're not sitting there twiddling our thumbs or desperately waving our hands for people to stop at our table!)

So if you're in the area, be sure to attend the festival! Stop in and say hello. If you wear blue converse sneakers, we'll have something special just for you!


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