The Great Cinderskella Giveaway - Winner(s) Announced!!

For some reason I thought I'd written this post and scheduled it to display on October 26th--but it must have been a dream...or something....because I can't find record of the announcement at all!  The last month really seems like nothing more than a blur with all the book signings and festivals!

Anyway, there are two winners for two separate giveaways. 

The first giveaway is for a signed copy of Cinderskella.  There were all sorts of chances to enter during my blog tour (which I hope you followed and read all the fun posts!).  You can read the original post here where I detailed the first week of blog stops. There were two more weeks of blog stops after that will lots of opportunities to enter. There were over 400 entries and I'm pleased to announce one winner was chosen from that pool of awesome.

The lucky winner of a signed copy of Cinderskella is......

Entry #135

Congratulations!!  Be sure to send me an email at Cinderskella (at) aol (dot) com and I'll ship your book off asap!

Then, as you may well know by now, I had an awesome 9 month long contest with monthly prizes. If you missed it, you must have been on Pluto or something because the contest ran for like NINE MONTHS. That's like being pregnant and no one ever forgets a pregnancy, especially when you're all bloated and puffy and as big as a watermelon. Okay, so this was nothing like a pregnancy....except for the fact that Cinderskella was my baby...At least my book doesn't cry all the time and keep me up all hours of the night...well, unless I'm really nervous about a book signing or event, then I'm definitely not going to sleep. So, okay. Fine. My book is a lot like a baby.

As you know, each month had a mini contest, which led up to the final contest and grand prize of a


I had tons of entries, and by tons I mean there were literally more than two thousand!!  I'm so super grateful for everyone's support and getting the word out there via twitter and facebook.  Friends, bloggers and authors shared the enthusiasm for Cinderskella's release with me, which couldn't have made me any happier and appreciative!

With all that support it was super hard knowing there would be only one winner. I wanted each of you to be able to receive a Kindle fire. I really did. But alas, I'm not a bestselling author (yet) with tons of money, so I'd be totally broke if I gave everyone a Kindle. I still need to pay my mortgage. And feed my family. So for now, there's just one winner.  One very awesome, dedicated winner.

That winner is.................

Entry #99


Congratulations Niki!!!!  Thanks for your support!!  Shoot me an email at Cinderskella (at) aol (dot) com and we'll make arrangements for your prize!!!

Thank you again for everyone who helped spread the word about Cinderskella. It's an honor to know so many great people in the writing community and I'm a better person for it.


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