Good Books and Shiny New Ideas

I'm on deadline with a contracted book right now. I love it. LOVE this story! And I know it's strange, but I love being on deadline. It really encourages me to work harder, to push my limits.

This story is going to be the best yet because...Look! Shiny New Idea!

*talks to self* Stop that. *straightens up*

Like I was saying. There's some fantastic things I'm... Shiny new idea is such a great story! There's elements of suspense and darkness and heaven and...

Excuse me.  Like I was saying...

For the fans of the Scarily Ever Laughter series they're going to love...Look! Shiny new idea is a young adult novel! Wouldn't it be fun to write for that audience again?

*clears throat*

If you were wondering about what happened to...Shiny new idea can't wait. You're going to forget all the glorious details if you don't write it now!


*stops working*
*takes notes for shiny new idea*
*fills notebook*
*gets back to work*

Do you ever feel like this? It seems to happen all too often.

I have waaaay too many good books stewing in my brain.

As soon as the contracted book is in my editor's inbox, I know I'll have a hard time deciding what to write next.

It's both a blessing and a curse to have so many creative ideas floating around. There's nothing better than knowing I'm never short for material, but it can be frustrating that there's never enough hours in a day to accomplish everything.

When this happens, I find it best to take some time to write down the ideas. Give them their voice, even if it's just to put it on paper so my brain won't explode. Once I've done that, I can focus much better on the project at hand.

What about you? How do you handle all your creative ideas?


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