A is for Authentic - Tips for Teens!

A is for Authentic!

Merriam-Webster dictionary defines Authentic as: real or genuine: not copied or false.

If you've been in the writing community for any period of time, one of the phrases that you'll hear repeatedly is "write what you know", and it really is a good piece of advice. For the most part.

I think this advice can becoming limiting in our own minds when we start to tear things apart, wondering if we really are experts on that topic. Or when we believe that we have to keep our writing only to things we experience.

We might think we can't write a dystopian novel because we haven't lived in a fictional society that dehumanizes us, or we can't write a zombie novel because we're not running scared with a machete in our hands. Or maybe we think we're not able to write romantic fiction because we've never been in love.  Whatever it is you've limited yourself to, stop!

You CAN write these things!

If you're authentic in your writing, I believe your readers will know it. Authenticity comes through writing something we're passionate about. It comes as we draw upon emotions that we've experienced and apply it to our writing, and to our characters, developing them into something three dimensional. Something real. Authenticity comes as we reveal that vulnerable part of ourselves in our writing.

Be authentic and you will, in fact, create a story worth reading.

How are you authentic in your writing? Is there an event in your life that has helped you become a more genuine writer?


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