D is for Delete - Tips for Teens!

D is for Delete!

It's okay to use the delete key. I promise.

But don't do it right away! Wait until your story is finished (see C- is for Castles for a quick reminder) before you delete anything.

Once you're sure your novel is complete, then start using that delete key. Too much exposition? Delete! Too much telling? Delete! Pacing is off? Delete!

Don't be afraid to delete anything that prevents your WIP from being the best story it can be.

Having a difficult time deleting? Can't do it, you say?  Don't worry. You're not alone. A lot of authors have a hard time saying goodbye to their babies. Every word feels vital.

But there's a trick to this special little key.

It can act as a transfer.


Just cut and paste those words into another document. Save them for the future. Maybe you'll find another opportunity to use them. Perhaps all it will need is new names for characters. Or a different setting. That's the best part about being a writer--nothing is gone forever!

So remember, deleting words from one story simply allows them to be used for something better in the future!


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