Elsie Park's PERIL'S OF WRATH Cover Reveal

As many of you may already know, Elsie Park was my publishing sister at Jolly Fish Press prior to their closing. She has since signed with Amberjack publishing for her book series! Her latest work, Peril's of Wrath is due to release in the spring of 2018. I'm super honored to help with the cover reveal! But first, a little bit about the book:

Perils of Wrath, a proper medieval action-romance and sequel to Shadows of Valor, follows the story of the orphan boy, Roland, who is now a gallant knight and pursuing his own quest.
“Nothing frustrates a knight more than being shackled to an unruly female squire with guarded secrets and a persistent sweet tooth.”
Sir Roland's inquiries into a pair of suspicious deaths leads him to Guildon Castle, a foreboding structure near the war-torn Scottish border. His attempt to lie low is waylaid by an assignment from the tyrannical Lord Craven to tame his disobedient stepdaughter, Audrina—by making her Roland's squire! A female apprentice? Unheard of! The rigorous knight training pits Audri's tenacity against Roland's short temper, but is his squire more than what her stepfather portrays her to be? Her guarded nature suggests another side, one with veiled secrets. Can things be more convoluted? Apparently so, as Roland’s hunt for truth unearths horrors from the dungeon and enemy attention. Roland must tread carefully or he, and his squire, will end up as so many others who trespassed on furtive matters.
Slated for release MAY 2018.

You can find Elsie on Facebook and Twitter.

That's a cover to be super proud of! So excited for you, Elsie and wish you all the best on your release of Peril's of Wrath!


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