Cover Reveal for an ALL NEW SERIES Part 6!

Were you able to guess the title from the last tile reveal? If not, then I'm sorry to say today's puzzle piece won't help you out at all. It will, however, give you an awesome peak at a piece of the story.

See that bus there on the side? Yup. A bus. Okay, I know, I know. How can a bus reveal anything about the story? Well, it does! But you'll just have to read the book to find out. I'm getting ahead of myself though. You won't be able to do that until September. DOH!

I just revealed something else. The release month! It's just three months away! I can't believe this baby will finally be out in the world and in reader's hands in THREE MONTHS!

This is surreal for me. Honestly, when my publisher closed in 2016, I was so lost. I never thought I'd write another book let alone publish one. But here I am just months away from a book release of a story I adore. I know this journey has been long - I'm not just talking about the cover reveal, but my author journey as well - but I want to thank each and every one of you for sticking around when things got tough. Thank you for your support, your enthusiasm, your belief in me when I didn't believe in myself. When you think you've hit rock bottom, there's nothing better than to see a hand pulling you up from the rubble. Thank you for being that strength.

Now, sappy story aside, here's the cover. Enjoy!


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