Cover Reveal for an ALL NEW SERIES Part 7!

We are halfway there! Let me say that again. WE ARE HALFWAY THERE!
Phew! Thank you for hanging out with me. I've loved sharing this reveal with you.

Last time I got a little emotional on you. I also revealed the release month for this super secret and special book. Today, though, I'm not going to do either of those things. Nope.

Today you get a little tiny piece of the title. There might be enough there to try to puzzle it out in your head. (See what I did there? haha!)

Today you also get a GREAT BIG piece of the story. There's definitely enough there to tell you where things might be going in this crazy book of mine.

For starters there's a creature. I'll let you guess what kind.

Second, you've probably figured that this book has more than one really special character. In fact, from this tile, you can see FOUR! Yup. Four characters. Four odd, amazing, funny, silly characters. Dang. I love this gang.

Third, I just revealed something in that last paragraph.

Fourth, each character is holding something. Can you guess why?

Fifth, there might just be a fifth character. I don't know. You'll just have to keep coming back to find out!

That's it. Five hints. I tried to come up with seven since today is part seven but that's all I got for you!


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