Elle's Secret Wish Cover Reveal!

I wanted to send you all a humungous thank you for your support on the launch of Callie's Magical Flight, book one in the UNICORN TALES series. It's been nearly a month since the release and Callie continues to do well. I couldn't have done that without your help! Thank you for spreading the word and sharing the book with young readers and unicorn lovers in your life. If you haven't already done so, I would absolutely love if you left a review on Amazon. Reviews help me reach more readers.

Since the release of Callie last month, life has been a bit chaotic. July zoomed past in this weird fast-paced, slow-motion, anxiety-ridden haze. Unfortunately, this has made it a challenge to enjoy summer vacation.

At the end of June, I took a trip to New York to visit with my parents. As I was wrapping up the visit, my dog, Lily, became very ill with a tick borne illness. She's 13 and because she was sick with another illness earlier in the year, she had a difficult time fighting the infection. Needless to say, most of July was spent nursing her back to health (and being quite stressed out in the process).

Thankfully, there are brighter days ahead and I'm about to get back on track with my writing and publishing more books.

As you know, Doomy Prepper is available for pre-order. You can pre-order your ebook copy here. The paperback and hardcover are coming soon!

In case you missed it, Little Dead Riding Hood is also available for pre-order. It's been a long year editing, putting it back, changing, reverting, deleting, adding, and all around just feeling a bit overwhelmed with it, but it's finally finished! Plus, the illustrations by Roch Hercka are going to blow you away! I can't wait for you to grab your copy and tell me what you think!

I also have another book in the UNICORN TALES series getting ready to release. But first, I wanted to share the cover. Again, it's another fabulous illustration by Roch Hercka and I really think young readers and unicorn lovers everywhere are going to enjoy these books.

Elle is the princess of Summerstart and she has one very special, secret wish. When a birthday celebration in her honor allows her to make her wish, she must choose between fulfilling her dream and staying true to who she is. 
Elle's Secret Wish, book three in the UNICORN TALES series, will be available just in time for back-to-school!

I hope you enjoy the remaining week of July! May you find fun ways to stay cool, whether that's eating a refreshing popsicle, munching on watermelon, or sitting poolside, I hope the remaining days of summer bring you tons of joy and sunshine!


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