Character Introduction: Doomsday Prepper from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

Ahhhh! I can't believe it! The day I've waited for! It's been something like seven years since this story first formed in my mind. Seven long years of living with a character who begged me to tell their story. I'm thrilled that Doomy finally gets to make his grand entrance into the world. In true Doomy fashion, his introduction is last.

Doomy Prepper: Doomy is his nickname, of course. His real name is Doomsday. 

His dad is a doctor, the one and only physician in town. His mom is active in the community and plays the role of room mom at school. Both of them are obsessed with preparing for the apocalypse. While they prep needed items like food and water, they tend to stock pile some crazy stuff, too, like an overabundance of toilet paper. His sister is a typical teenager. 

In my imagination, Doomy is ADD. He’s a bit impulsive, lacks executive functioning skills, and doesn’t perform all that well in school. But, he’s loyal, super observant of things others overlook, highly intelligent, a natural leader, and is resourceful. As we all know, kids with learning differences aren’t just about their differences. Their strengths make them wonderful friends and help us see what is so easily missed. I know this from experience raising my own children with ADD. It only seemed natural to give Doomy these traits. It’s what makes him even more lovable. 

Doomy is so creative he occasionally (by occasionally, I mean often) likes to make up stories, which means most people don't believe him when he has something important to say. His curiosity leads him into trouble. But even this makes him endearing. He knows how to be a friend. He can be brave. He can be a hero.

He’s such a great kid. I hope you think so, too.

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