Character Introduction: Melissa Bennett from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

It's so hard to believe that Doomy Prepper releases in only two days! There's only three characters remaining in the introductions. The character I'm introducing today is one I've come to really appreciate. She's really taken me by surprise and I hope readers enjoy her personality as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Melissa Bennett: This is a girl after my own heart. She’s feisty and won’t back down without a fight. She’s smart but humble. She inserts herself when needed but can be gentle and vulnerable. I love that she’s not intimidated about including herself into a group of boys. She’s a natural leader and sometimes she’s a bit too bossy which can alienate her from other kids who aren’t used to someone taking charge. Sometimes, errr…most of the time, when I’m writing a book, I’m taken by surprise. A character inserts themselves into the story when they were never intended to be there. As was the case with Melissa. It’s so fitting for her personality, too, because as much as I tried to write her out, she kept popping back in. I finally sat down and said, “Okay then. Tell me about yourself.” Melissa was born. And I’m so glad I stopped to listen to her. She didn’t have a last name for a while though and one day she finally whispered it to me. Bennett – your childhood elementary school. Because, what better way to honor the setting of my story (upstate NY in 1986) than with my very own elementary school.

The preorder of the paperback is now available here: 

The hardcover is available, too!


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