Character Introduction: Peter Peterson from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

Today you get to meet Doomy's best friend. The side kick. The guy who sticks by Doomy's side through thick and thin.

Peter Peterson: His name should tell you something about himself, and even a bit about his parents. He’s a perfectionist, a bit of a know-it-all, and a tad bit nerdy. Peter is better than a straight A student. He always gets 100% on all of his work. Period. But he doesn’t brag about it. He just enjoys school which doesn’t always make him the most popular guy to be around because he tends to take himself a little too seriously. That’s why Doomy is the perfect best friend for him. They’re polar opposites, a bit like Bert and Ernie.  Peter has known Doomy forever. Forever meaning since preschool when they found a common interest in Legos and building blocks. They both still have an infinity for construction, Peter especially, as you’ll learn during the latter half of the story. It’s also a nod to book three in the series. (I love leaving little Easter Eggs for my readers!) Peter wears glasses that are a bit too big, which often slide down his nose, requiring him to wiggle them into place. It’s a rather endearing quality that makes him relatable. The best thing about Peter is his ingenuity.  He’s a real problem solver. Combined with Doomy’s prepping skills, the two make a perfect team.

Thanks for stopping in to meet my characters! Stay tuned tomorrow when we officially get to meet the man himself, Mister Doomy Prepper! 

The hardcover is available, too!


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