Nadia's True Colors Cover Reveal!

It's been way too long since I had a cover reveal here. It's been equally overdue to introduce the next unicorn book in the Unicorn Tales series.

Callie's Magical Flight (book 1) released in June 2019 followed by Maeve's New Friend (book 2) in October. The cover for book 3, Elle's Secret Wish, was revealed in July but the progress stopped there. It was my intent to release all the books relatively close together but then life happened. Or rather, some sad events, including the passing of Lily, my beloved and faithful companion of 14 years. I'd written books 3 and 4 during the week of her passing, promptly closed those documents, and never reopened them.

While I tried to push myself to edit and revise, every time I attempted to open those documents, I choked on my own tears and breath. It was a painful experience and I decided it was best to let it go. Maybe the time would never be right but I'd also hoped someday my heart would heal enough to tackle those stories once again.

I was wrong. My heart still aches.

It may be that I'll always ache but I also know Lily wouldn't want me to stop writing. She loved being by my side when I was working. Perhaps a return to writing would help me feel her presence near.

It's still painful, but I've been able to open those documents. The pages may be blurry through my tears but I have managed to focus enough to edit a few pages at a time now. And I have a few thoughts on how to honor Lily in these stories. Because she deserves it.

My efforts are focused on making these stories the best they can be.  And now I'm excited to finally reveal the cover for book 4, Nadia's True Colors!

Isn't it gorgeous? Another stunning cover from the talented Roch Hercka! I'm so excited to have a pink unicorn since it's my favorite color! Plus she has a rainbow horn. Nothing could be more appropriate for my friend who crossed the rainbow bridge.

It'll be a while before this book is ready to launch (I'm hoping by summer). In the meantime, book 2 Maeve's New Friend is available for FREE on kindle, tomorrow (Wednesday, March 4th) only! Grab a copy and tell your friends! If you love it, please leave an honest review.

See you next time!


S.A. Larsenッ said…
<3 <3 <3 This cover is perfect!
Amie Borst said…
Thank you, S.A. Larsen!

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