Mr. Not Me Part 2

There's only 11 days until Halloween! If you're like me, you've probably been planning for the holiday and all things spooky for a while now! My house is all decked out, menu is planned, and movie is in queue. Things might be a bit different this year but we'll make the most of it, even if that means a socially distanced trick-or-treat or a fun alternative collecting candy around the house, watching great movies, or even having a campfire.

If you find staying indoors is the way to go, I'd definitely suggest reading a chilling tale from this list.  What better way to enjoy some spooky fun than with these eerie tales? There's a dozen and a half great stories to choose from, including my short story, Dead Chimes! Free reads + Halloween = a spooky night of 18 new worlds to discover!

Last week I shared part one of my tale of how Mr. Not Me came to be. Today, I have part two! 

It was a difficult task to find this balance between illustration and text. I knew I needed to trust an illustrator to bring my vision to life. But that wasn't going to be easy. Meghan really had her work cut out for her. Thankfully, she did not disappoint! 

First, we needed to develop a character. We'd had an honorary Mr. Not Me in our home for years but he never had a physical manifestation. Was he a human? An anthropomorphic character? If he was an animal, what kind was he? Mr. Not Me saw various developments, from a red panda, to a raccoon, a possum, a human child, and finally into the beloved little bunny that graces the pages of the finished book.
Second, we needed a medium. Initially, I thought vector art was the way to go and we spent a good deal of our development focused on it. But as we progressed, I had a change of heart, realizing what this story and character needed was something softer. Something sweet, charming, and precious.
Thankfully Meghan was up for the challenge and through her constant professionalism she forged ahead with a new design.
Do you ever have those moments…maybe it’s something you’re shopping for, a gift for a friend, or something for a special occasion…you don’t know what you want until you see it? That was the moment I had when I saw Meghan’s new design. I knew she had created the perfect character with the correct medium the moment I saw the watercolor bunny.
Third, we needed character development. Every character needs an opportunity to grow within the pages of a book. Without growth, there’s not much story. And in a story text that is a less than one hundred words, with a simple question and answer format, the character development needed to come through the illustrations. Both humor and tender moments were vital to the visual storytelling.

Meghan developed the character of Mr. Not Me beautifully and expressively, showing his growth through his mistakes as well as his attempts to right his wrongs. She shows this with both humor and heart.

But that's not all she did...

To be continued!


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