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Fireworks Are So Overrated

For the 4th of July my family went to Kelly's Ford. If you know anything about the Civil War, you'll know something about Kelly's Ford. If not, google it man. You're missing out. Ok, so I''m not a history buff myself - my history teachers had me asleep in the first 60 seconds of class - but my husband is, and so are 2 of my daughters. So for a $20 cover charge we were able to listen to probably the most atrocious band I've ever heard. Seriously, they made my ears bleed. I won't go into details but let's just say they've forever ruined Journey and Van Halen. There were other activities - mostly food (can't go any where in Virginia without a funnel cake) and beer. But there was a moon bounce for the kids which required standing in line for an hour - only to move ahead a foot. I was lucky enough to do this while having the sun beat down on me, surrounded by sweaty, drunk rednecks in the scorcing, humid summer heat. Definately my idea