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Why I've Been an Inconsistent Blogger

Things have been kinda suckish around here for the last week or so. I've been trying to trudge through these obstacles without completely losing my mind. So,in order to maintain my own sanity, it boiled down to daily survival. If it wasn't air, water and (sometimes) food, then I let it go. Well, I took care of the kids, too...when my brain wasn't exploding. To help you understand what we've gone through, here's just a hint of the things that happened in less than a week: 1 - My hubby applied for a job in Australia a few months ago, then landed two interviews in the last month, was essentially a shoe-in...only to find out last week that someone else was selected for the position. This was the opportunity of a lifetime for him...and would have been a dream come true for me. But, alas, it wasn't mean to be. *cries a little* 2 - That same day only a few hours later, one of the agents I've been working with for over a year on two manuscripts, sent me the

How Carrie Ryan and I Became BFF's

So yesterday was the release of THE DARK AND HOLLOW PLACES by author Carrie Ryan. This is the third book in THE FOREST OF HANDS AND TEETH, a post-apocolyptic zombie novel series. I fell in love with Ryan's style, her beautiful writing, immediately. The story was a close second. I love how her writing reads like poetry, so beautiful against a dark plot. I love how she manages to create a story that grabs the reader and draws them in without bad language or overtly sexual scenes. She has proven that good YA doesn't need those things in order to be successful. I thought it would be super cool to have an interview with Ms. Ryan...since we're like best friends and all. Me : So, Carrie, what makes you so totally made of awesome? Her : Well.... Me : (cutting her off before she can answer) So where do you get your story ideas that are totally made of awesome? Me : (not allowing her to answer, again) It's no wonder you landed a totally awesome agent who is made of a

I Have No Blog Post

I've sat here for twenty minutes or so and still have no idea of what to blog about. The only thing I could think of was the pizza I made with my girls on Friday. In fact, I'd kinda like a slice right now. But it's all gone. What wasn't eaten Friday night for dinner became Saturday morning's breakfast! One very random thing about me: I'm originally from New York, upstate, in the Catskill Mountains. And even though I'm not from the city, there is one universal thing with all New Yorkers: the way we eat a slice of pizza. Step one: Grab one hot, cheesy, slice of pie by the crust. Step two: Fold pizza in half length wise, so cheese sticks together. Step three: Eat pizza. Step four: When you've reached the end of your slice and only the crust remains, dip that cripsy crust in your favorite soda (Colas or Root Beers are a favorite). YUM! And srsly, don't knock it 'til you've tried it! Do you have a unique way of eating a favorite fo

Totally Random Wednesday

The BEST four chord musical montage. Ever. Funny car prank. Do you use quotes correctly? (I think this video is please visit you tube to view...I promise, it's totally worth it!!)

Why Do You Write?

I have been such an inconsistent blogger lately. Things have been crazy around here; trying to sew my girls Easter dresses with them and editing two projects at once! It's left me with little time to do much else. During all this craziness, the thought of simplfying my life always comes to mind. What can I clear from my plate to make my life easier? Obviously I can't get rid of my children (nor would I want to....well, I guess it depends on the day!). And the hubby is a pretty vital part of my life (even though I have to wash his sweaty gym clothes). I'd actually be lost without them in my life. So what are my other commitments? Well, there are lots of of them being writing. Although some people would say the writing could go, that it's not important, that other things should take priority. I'd say they're not a writer. Because the writers I know couldn't LIVE without being able to write. Some might write everyday, some a few times a

It's a Birthday Celebration!

But first, I have some awesome blogger friends to thank! Taryn, over at Hope Junkie and Lindsey at The Write Words both presented me with the oh so lovely Stylish Blogger Award. Thanks ladies! (Don't worry, I'll post 7 obscure things about myself really soon!) Now on to the birthday celebration.... It's not here. Sorry. It's at The Mixed-Up Files . You'll just have to go visit to see what it's all about! Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss and Happy Read Across America Day everyone!