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Rip Van Winkle Meets Hurricane Irene

This past weekend Hurricane Irene was little more than a nuisance for the east coast. Or so you thought. A sleepy little county in upstate New York, just 90 miles outside of NYC, would say otherwise. It has been declared a disaster . This county is Ulster. It is home to the Ashokan Reservoir, the water supply to NYC - the same reservoir featured on the rotating header of my blog. It is home to one of the most well known stories taught to children throughout elementary school - Rip Van Winkle. This is where I grew up. I've been gone for 15 years. Married, had children and lived all over the United States with an Air Force husband. Yet, I always manage to come home. I bring my children there every Spring for Easter Egg Hunts on my parent's 22 acre property. We spend three lazy weeks there each summer, laying in the hammock enjoying cool mountain breezes and watching the clouds float across a heavenly blue sky. We fish at local lakes, swim in creeks,