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Wrong Genre

A few days ago I was prompted to read over some WIP's, most of which I'd shelved for a bit. And after reading a few pages of each of them, I realized a few things: I LOVE reading YA. I suck at writing a good YA voice. I enjoy reading MG...but not quite as much as I enjoy reading YA. I EXCELL at a really believable MG voice. So what the heck does that say about me? Do I need more practice writing YA? Should I read more MG? Honestly? I dunno. Then there's the fact that YA is an easier sell than MG (even though there are so many reports of agents and editors searching for MG, I hear of MG deals a lot less than YA). So there's the age-old question - do you write for the market? Well, you could. I could. We all could. But why? Because the market demands it? Sure. But you also know the answer to that - by the time you've written to the trend, it's usually long over. Should you write what you know? Write what you love? I'd wager those

Aging Gracefully

I thought I was aging gracefully....little to no wrinkles, no need to color my hair (yeah, that blonde you see on the sidebar, yup that's au natural), and I think I'm pretty hip. Uh, cool. I mean kewl. Or epic. Yeah, that's me. I'm epic. So, as any epic twenty-something (yes, I'm twenty something for the tenth time or so, what's it to you?) would do, I watched the Grammys. And it was all good. Loving Paul McCartney, Taylor Swift and Katy Perry and everything inbetween. Until.....enter Nicki Minaj. And I was all WTFreak?! And WTHEck? And Say wha?? I honestly thought my ears might bleed at one point. I mean, what was that? If you understood it, please do elaborate. Cause I'm stumped.

I'm The Alpha and Omega

At least according to my dog. She's a bichon. You know, one of those fluffy, little white poofballs. They're so cute and adorable you just want to "...hug 'em and pet 'em and squeeze 'em....and name them George." Except ours isn't so little. She's what most would call fat. * * * * * * Mostly because she eats too much. But also because she's lazy. We prefer fluffy. It's nicer and doesn't hurt her feelings. And we do have to be careful with her feelings since she's what we affectionately call an emotional black hole. But, at least she's smart enough to recognize the Alpha around here. Good dog.

I Made a Chocolate Torte. Like a Boss.

I like pie. I like cake. I like chocolate. This is why dieting never works for me. And this is why you should never try making Ghirardelli's Mocha Torte when you're PMSing. Here is their amazing, perfectly formed torte. Mine: Yeah, dude! It's a mother-spitting-image of the real deal, dawg! I rawked it! Then I ate it. Like a boss.