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E Coli in Our Drinking Water

When I first moved to Fauquier County in 2003, it could be considered a rural area. But the area has quickly grown. While it is still known for its vast farmland, orchards and wineries it is also considered one of the many suburbs of our Nation's Capital. One of the "perks" (and I use perk with a tone of sarcasm) is that we pay astronomical fees for our public water. Our family of 5 pays, on average, about $120 per month. Yes, you heard me correctly. PER MONTH. If we want to water our lawn in the summer, we pay a hefty $600 a month. Again, you heard correctly. $600 PER MONTH. Part of the reason behind those hefty fees is that WSA (Water & Sanitation Authority) charges double for sewer services....and they charge those fees when you water your lawn, even though, technically you aren't using ANY SEWER. Nice, right? You could bypass this by installing a water subtraction meter at a meager cost of $1200. I suppose if you had $1200 to throw away, then it w

Winner of The Housekeeper's Son and Query Critique

The random number generator has spoken. The winner of Christopher Loke's THE HOUSEKEEPER'S SON and a query critique by Moi is..... *strums hands on table* *realizes I have no rhythm* Emily Feustel!!!!! Please send me an email at: Amiegr8tstuff (at) aol (dot) com to claim your prize! Or just click the link on the right sidebar that says Email (under "Places to find me"). Congratulations and thanks to all who entered! For those that didn't win, I hope that you'll go out and buy a copy of Christopher's book. It's a great read!

Interview and Giveaway with Christopher Loke!

Today I have author of The Housekeeper's Son and executive editor of Jolly Fish Press, Christopher Loke! And let me tell you, it's not nerve wracking at all to interview my boss. Nope. Not at all. Me: So....uh....*wrings hands* Christopher.... do you find your writing inspiration by chewing cherry flavored bubble gum while dancing the hokey pokey or running from the lights of the Apocalypse - the bright lights (don't go toward the light! no, not the light, NO!!!!) *thinks to self - yeah, that was a good question, yeah. Yeah, I got this!* Christopher: Neither. I find my writing inspiration hunting down stray zombies in the woods. With less zombies in the world, the world will be a better place to live, and when life is good, words fly out from nowhere. Me: *Nods* *Smiles with glee* *Wonders how he knew I was a zombie fan?* *Realizes my editor has SUPER POWERS!* your favorite food cupcakes with rainbow sprinkles or beef jerky (personally, I'