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Interview with Ann Marie Meyers

I'm so excited to welcome Ann Marie Meyers to my blog today! I've known Ann Marie for about two years. We're involved in the same online crit group, but more importantly we've become good friends during the short time we've known each other.  Now, Ann Marie and I have even more in common because she recently signed with Jolly Fish Press for her MG Fantasy UP IN THE AIR. Ironically, I'd urged her to query Jolly Fish Press before I even considered it for myself. Me:   What inspires you when you write? Do you prefer a zombie attack or a guy in a hockey mask to get the words flowing? Ann Marie:   A zombie attack? The only thing that would achieve is to make my legs flow faster than a raging river. A guy in a mask? Hmm. Well, let’s see. Hmm. Nope. That does nothing for me. The book I’m working on is the only inspiration I need. When I get started on a story, I become, for want of a better word, obsessed; overcome with the desire to shape and mold it to c

A BIG Announcement!

I've known for a while...and I've been dying to make the official announcement... BUT... I have an illustrator!!! SQUEEEE!!!!!! Jolly Fish Press kind of read my mind, they totally "got" my story and selected someone who, I believe, will really capture the essence of Cinderskella in beautiful artwork and illustrations!   Rachael Caringella is a mixed media artist currently living in Utah. Since a young age, she has been drawn to trees and nature and has always felt the need to represent that in her art, whether that be through mesmerizing portraits, textured paintings, remarkable clothing, and more. Rachael’s distinct and striking work and personality have garnered her an impressive fan-base.   You can find her on facebook ( ) On twitter ( ) Shop her store on Etsy ( ) And visit her blog ( ) Okay

NEW PRIDE Release Day Blitz!

Today I'm hosting Laura Diamond and her NEW PRIDE RELEASE DAY BLITZ!  She's here to tell you all about this awesome book - which just released today!                                                               New town, new love, new terror.   NEW PRIDE was born from my upcoming novel, SHIFTING PRIDE (coming December 7, 2012!). In SHIFTING PRIDE, the main character, Nickie, searches for her missing father, Richard…and NEW PRIDE is all about Richard’s journey to independence and new love.                                                                          NEW PRIDE Blurb:   A shape-shifter without a pride, Richard Leone strikes a tenuous friendship with power hungry, Derek, from an unstable, rogue group. On a hunt in the forest, they encounter a gorgeous brunette, Molly, partying with friends around a campfire. Derek tells the rogue pride and they bristle at humans trespassing on their territory. Richard risks life and tail to protect his secret