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The Great Cinderskella Giveaway - Winner(s) Announced!!

For some reason I thought I'd written this post and scheduled it to display on October 26th--but it must have been a dream...or something....because I can't find record of the announcement at all!  The last month really seems like nothing more than a blur with all the book signings and festivals! Anyway, there are two winners for two separate giveaways.  The first giveaway is for a signed copy of Cinderskella.  There were all sorts of chances to enter during my blog tour (which I hope you followed and read all the fun posts!).  You can read the original post here  where I detailed the first week of blog stops. There were two more weeks of blog stops after that will lots of opportunities to enter. There were over 400 entries and I'm pleased to announce one winner was chosen from that pool of awesome. The lucky winner of a signed copy of Cinderskella is...... Entry #135   KIM!!! Congratulations!!  Be sure to send me an email at Cinderskella (at) aol (dot) com

Ways to Help With Writers' Block

Please welcome author, Sherry Gammon  to the blog today.  Sherry is on a tour with her book, A Fantasy Christmas .  Today she's brought us a very timely guest post about writers' block. I know I've experienced this unwanted phenomenon on more than one occasion.  Even now, during NaNoWriMo, I've yet to type any words into a novel.  So I'm looking forward to implementing some of Sherry's ideas and techniques! Take it away, Sherry! The dreaded writers block. It may cause you to pull your hair out, eat high calorie -and therefore delicious;}    foods, or even worse,   you may toss your computer across the room in frustration. It is every writer’s nightmare. You sit in front of your computer and the ideas seemed to have dried up. No matter how hard you push yourself to write, you come up empty. Here are a few tricks that have helped me. ·          Sprints. Sit down in front of your computer free of distractions. No TV, no radio, nothing. Note: some people ne

FARE (Food Allergy Research & Education) Gala at Reagan National Airport

Some of you may know that I have food allergies.  Currently, I have a rare red-meat allergy triggered by a tick bite. This allergy causes a life-threatening, delayed anaphylaxis. For me, the reaction occurs 4-6 hours after consuming red meat (beef, pork or lamb). There's no hives and no warning. My throat swells shut. And because we usually eat dinner quite late in our home, that meant most of the time I was waking up in the middle of the night unable to breathe or speak. It has meant ER visits with a cocktail of life-saving drugs in an IV.  And unfortunately, because this allergy is so rare, it took us nearly 18 months to find the cause of my problems.  You can read about my awesome doctor here . In fact during the last few months revelation of this problem has been all over the news - here , here and here  (just to name a few). But food allergies aren't new to me. As a child I was allergic to artificial flavoring, artificial coloring and some preservatives. Talk about hi

Cinderskella Launch and Raffle Winners Announced!

Saturday was our book launch for Cinderskella. I can't tell you how many people were there because it was absolutely crazy! People came and left all day long! We had so many people at one point, the line was out the door.  Sadly people ended up leaving because it was just too crowded! I never would have believed it if I didn't witness it myself, but....WE SOLD OUT OF BOOKS!!! What an incredible feeling! I never believed we'd sell out. Heck, I would have been happy to sell a handful. But to sell out? That's just incredible! I want to thank everyone that traveled many hours to help us celebrate.  Most of all, I'm grateful for their support. Our lives are enriched for having you in them! We couldn't have had such a successful day if it weren't for all of our friends. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! For those of you that came to the book launch on Saturday, I've chosen the winning tickets for door prizes!  If you live close, you can pick up your pri

Blog Tour November 1- 8

It's the last week of my blog tour. Hard to believe that two weeks have flown by so fast and that Cinderskella has been in the hands of readers for more than a week! Friday, November 1, you can read an author interview at Adrienne Monson's blog. Monday, November 4th, I'm at Jennifer Griffth's place with tips on writing with children. I'm also being interviewed by Lehua Parker . Tuesday, November 5th, you can find me with Berk Washburn . We're blogging and having loads of fun! Wednesday, November 6th, there will be another character interview with Rose Cooper . Thursday, November 7th, I'll be guest posting at F.J.R. Tichenell's blog.  I'll be dishing secrets on mixing creepy and funny to make a perfectly twisted tale. Friday, November 8th, for the final two stops in the tour you can read more about me at Rebekah Grow's blog and Chantal Bellehumeur's site. I hope you'll stop by all these great blogs and learn more about me