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When Faced With a Decision, How Do You Choose?

I had a very bad day yesterday. The reasons behind the bad day aren't important to this blog post, but let's just say it was just as Judith Viorst wrote in her picture book about Alexander. It was a Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day. When most people are faced with a bad day they just want it to end. And that's how I felt. After being on the road for 5 hours, all I wanted to do was go home, change into some comfy clothes, kick off my shoes, put my feet up, and sip a favorite drink. Maybe read a book. Or sit by the fire.  But as I was traveling home from The Bad Day, I stopped to make one last Christmas purchase. I was tired but, like The Bad Day, I just wanted it done and over with. Thankfully my purchase went smoothly and I felt a bit of relief wash over me. I hopped into my car (which wasn't hopping really, more of an awkward, achy lumber) and readied myself for the last 15 minutes of my drive home. I was just out of the parking lot and approaching a s