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Why I think the New Year is a Waste!

Who doesn't love the idea of a new year? It's an opportunity to start over, start fresh. There's New Year's Eve with it's food, family, and friends. There's the movie version we all see in our head with soft lights, perfect dress and a kiss at midnight. But I think New Year's is stupid! Want to know why? I'm going to tell you anyway. Because all I saw in my Facebook newsfeed was how glad my friends were that 2013 was over! "2013 sucked!" "Boy am I glad 2013 is over. Bring on the new year!" "What a horrible year. I'm so glad that's behind me." Know what? I feel really sorry for those people. I feel sorry that they had to wait an entire year to start over. I'm sad that despite their trials they couldn't see a single ounce of goodness in the 365 days that had passed. I've had years in the past that were really rough. REALLY hard.. Some years were so horrible I admit it was difficult to find

Samantha Sutton!

Hello friends! Happy new year! I hope your holidays were delightful. Mine were peaceful, spent enjoying time with my family and loved ones. Perfection! There's a fun giveaway over at The Mixed-Up Files today, so please do check it out. You'll definitely want to win a copy of Samantha Sutton by Jordan Jacobs so I hope to see you there!