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I Survived the Color Vibe 5K

This past Saturday I ran my very first 5K. Now, I'm not going to fool anyone into thinking I'm fast. Because, frankly, I'm slow. I'm not a runner. Heck, I'm more like a Walker. You know the ones. They are the infected on The Walking Dead. That's about my speed. Quite honestly, I didn't care if I finished first, I just didn't want to finish last. I didn't care if it took me thirty minutes I just didn't want to take longer than an hour. Because, ultimately this wasn't about the time. This experience was about so much more than my performance. It was about being with my friends and family. About trying something new. Stepping outside of my all too familiar comfort zone and taking a chance. Being in a large crowd (over 7,000 runners!). Having fun. Being blasted with color. And being able to say that I did that. I did it with courage. I did it with support. I accomplished something I never thought I'd ever be able to do in my life.