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Snow Fright Cover Reveal!!

Ohmygosh guys!! I'm sOoOoOo excited!! The final cover for SNOW FRIGHT is here!! And boy oh boy is it ever epic!! I mean, was there ever a question? With an amazing artist illustrator, I wouldn't have expected anything less. Seriously, Rachael Caringella totally gets me. She gets my books. She gets the story. She gets the intent. And she illustrates it like she has some sort of mind-reading abilities because I swear she sees my vision.  I have a massive girl-crush on her.  She's the best to work with, too. She's willing to collaborate, though I like to take a step back and let her work her magic. (There's a bit of a secret about Little Dead Riding Hood but this post is about Snow Fright, so we'll have to dish on that another time.) I'm so grateful to have had the honor and privilege to work with Rachael on this series. Jolly Fish Press couldn't have matched me with a more perfect artist and I'm grateful every single day for the amazing, ti

The Finger Trap by Johnny Worthen

Congratulations to award-winning author Johnny Worthen on his release of The Finger Trap! If you haven't read this book yet or purchased your copy, you're going to want to check it out!  THE FINGER TRAP Tony Flaner is a malingering part-time comedian, full-time sarcastic, who’s never had it hard, and never finished a thing in his life. He’s had twelve years to prepare for his divorce and didn’t. He had his entire life to choose a career and hasn’t. Now time’s up, and he’s in a world of trouble. But it gets worse. A first date and a drunken party ends with Tony facing prison for the murder of a girl he hardly knew. Other than that, it was a pretty great party. To save himself, wise-cracking Tony must discover who the mysterious girl was, what she was involved in, and what the hell she saw in him in the first place. Their lives are linked together at the ends of a Chinese finger trap, like life and death, friends and enemies, arugula qui

Barnes & Noble Teen Book Festival

Unless you've bee living under a rock, then you've probably heard about this awesome nationwide event that Barnes & Noble is hosting. As luck would have it, I've been invited to attend! No, not as a patron but as a real-live author! Isn't that the coolest? I'm totally thrilled to be part of such an epic event and a wonderful opportunity to bring books to readers. So you probably want to know which Barnes & Noble I'll be at, right? Yeah, that'd help since there's a bajillion of them. I'll be at the Seven Corners Barnes & Noble. It's in Falls Church, VA. So if you're local, definitely stop by. I'll be there this Saturday, June 11th, 2016 at noon. I'll probably read from one (or both) of my books and I'll even answer all of your questions about my books and writing process. Well, maybe not all. No spoilers from me! And if  you don't want to hear me talk, which let's face it, I tend to word vomit (like th