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A Fresh Start - Announcing an All-New Illustrator!!!!

As some of you might be aware, my publisher, Jolly Fish Press, closed last October. Their closing was just 13 days after the release of SNOW FRIGHT. As you can imagine, it was a bit of a devastating blow. But our devastation quickly turned to joyous disbelief as Bethanie and I immediately received two offers of publication from other publishers! Just as we were ready to sign on the line, we had second thoughts and decided to decline both offers. It was a courageous decision but, in the end, we felt as though it was the right one. So while we've been quiet for almost 8 months ( eight months ! ) we have been very,very busy. We decided to tackle this publishing venture on our own. A crazy, crazy idea but one we were crazy in love with! We were so excited about the idea of creative control and felt like the possibilities were endless. We decided if we were gonna do this thing that we needed to find a new illustrator - and pronto! So we did just that. We posted an open call to illus