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Cover Reveal for an ALL NEW SERIES Part 3!

Hope you had an awesome Memorial Day on Monday! I hope the weather was beautiful for you and that you had the opportunity to celebrate with friends and family. I also hope you were on the edge of your seat with the second piece of the puzzle. Today, as the title of this post suggests, is part 3! Here you go!

Cover Reveal for an ALL NEW SERIES Part 2!

Happy Memorial Day! Alright guys, so on Wednesday you were given one piece of the cover for my new book. I know, it was cruel. I didn't reveal too much. Just a part of my name and maybe a little something else tucked behind it. Did you see it? Okay, if you did, then no spoiling the fun! If you didn't, don't worry. Today is your chance to see a little more! You ready? Here it is....! Stay tuned! There's more to come on Wednesday!

Cover Reveal for an ALL NEW SERIES!!

Guys, I am so beyond excited!!! I have an all-new series coming out soon and I finally get to share the cover with you! Well, sort of. Since this book was a long time in the making (like half a decade!) I wanted to bring you on the journey with me. All books are an absolute labor of love. There are many drafts, rewrites, revisions, and sometimes even starting over. This book is not unique in that way. It's had had quite the journey. But what is unique is the story itself. The characters are a part of me and my hope is that readers will connect with them, too.  I won't say too much more as I don't want to spoil the fun. I thought it would be really exciting to build the anticipation and reveal one small piece of the cover each day. I mean, suspense is half the surprise, amiright? What better way then with a puzzle! So, over the next six weeks, I will unveil a piece of the cover until the complete cover is revealed. Also, I need to give a quick shout out to my awesome

Cover Reveal Maeve's New Friend!

Hi All! I'm so excited to reveal the cover for book two in the UNICORN TALES series, Maeve's New Friend! Roch Hercka knocked it out of the ballpark with this cover. Maeve is a magical unicorn with the power to control water. So naturally she is blue. But I also wanted her to emulate the look of a Dapple Gray with flecks of silver on her hind quarters. Roch, of course, took it one step further and gave her a beautiful tail that even looks like a waterfall! This chapter book, perfect for the unicorn obsessed 7-10 year old will also appeal to readers of Bella Sara , Unicorn Princesses , and Unicorn Academy . Maeve's New Friend will be available for pre-order this summer. Stay tuned for more!