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Character Introduction: Doomsday Prepper from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

Ahhhh! I can't believe it! The day I've waited for! It's been something like seven years since this story first formed in my mind. Seven long years of living with a character who begged me to tell their story. I'm thrilled that Doomy finally gets to make his grand entrance into the world. In true Doomy fashion, his introduction is last. --> Doomy Prepper: Doomy is his nickname, of course. His real name is Doomsday.  His dad is a doctor, the one and only physician in town. His mom is active in the community and plays the role of room mom at school. Both of them are obsessed with preparing for the apocalypse. While they prep needed items like food and water, they tend to stock pile some crazy stuff, too, like an overabundance of toilet paper.  His sister is a typical teenager.  In my imagination, Doomy is ADD. He’s a bit impulsive, lacks executive functioning skills, and doesn’t perform all that well in school. But, he’s loyal, super observant o

Character Introduction: Peter Peterson from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

Today you get to meet Doomy's best friend. The side kick. The guy who sticks by Doomy's side through thick and thin. Peter Peterson : His name should tell you something about himself, and even a bit about his parents. He’s a perfectionist, a bit of a know-it-all, and a tad bit nerdy. Peter is better than a straight A student. He always gets 100% on all of his work. Period. But he doesn’t brag about it. He just enjoys school which doesn’t always make him the most popular guy to be around because he tends to take himself a little too seriously. That’s why Doomy is the perfect best friend for him. They’re polar opposites, a bit like Bert and Ernie.  Peter has known Doomy forever. Forever meaning since preschool when they found a common interest in Legos and building blocks. They both still have an infinity for construction, Peter especially, as you’ll learn during the latter half of the story. It’s also a nod to book three in the series. (I love leaving little Easter Eggs for my

Character Introduction: Melissa Bennett from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

It's so hard to believe that Doomy Prepper releases in only two days! There's only three characters remaining in the introductions. The character I'm introducing today is one I've come to really appreciate. She's really taken me by surprise and I hope readers enjoy her personality as much as I enjoyed writing it! Melissa Bennett: This is a girl after my own heart. She’s feisty and won’t back down without a fight. She’s smart but humble. She inserts herself when needed but can be gentle and vulnerable. I love that she’s not intimidated about including herself into a group of boys. She’s a natural leader and sometimes she’s a bit too bossy which can alienate her from other kids who aren’t used to someone taking charge. Sometimes, errr…most of the time, when I’m writing a book, I’m taken by surprise. A character inserts themselves into the story when they were never intended to be there. As was the case with Melissa. It’s so fitting for her person

Character Introduction: Bryce Garcia from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

Apparently a bunch of people are storming AREA 51 today. So that's cool. No biggie, right? Just go down, barge your way in and try to find those aliens the government is hiding from us. I'd laugh except it's kind of the plot of Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse. So I suppose today marks a real example of life imitating art, huh? Today I'm introducing the muscle of the story. Bryce Garcia: He’s a bit larger than all of his classmates. Tall and muscular, which is a bit odd for a fifth grader. Mostly because he really shouldn’t be in fifth grade. Bryce was held back in school, but he’d never let anyone know that. Because of his insecurities, he likes to brag a bit, though only Doomy is bothered by it. Everyone else is impressed, including Wybie, who is Bryce’s best friend. Bryce’s dad is a scientist who worked on an important government project in Area 51. Bryce also likes to impress everyone by reminding them that his

Character Introduction: Wybie Normal from Doomy Prepper's Complete Guide: How to Survive Fifth Grade and the Apocalypse

I’m so excited about the upcoming release of Doomy Prepper, I wanted to share a bit about each of my five main characters. Doomy, of course, is our lead and I’ll write about him later. But there are four supporting characters, Doomy’s friends, that deserve a big shout out. One of the tools I like to employ when I’m writing is a story bible. It’s a large 9x12 mixed media art book. In it I glue magazine images that inspire my setting, the plot, and my characters. Part of the bible includes character interviews where I get to know each one of my characters, who they are, what makes them tick, and their backstory. This isn’t necessarily included in the book because who wants a big info dump with a character’s backstory? Not me. But bits and pieces of the character are revealed through word choice, reactions to situations, and their relationships. I love my story bible and refer to it often as I’m creating. Now that you know a little about how I create, I want to introduce you to t