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Get Ready for Christmas!

This month is about family time, so I won't be writing or publishing anything new. It feels nice to have a little break, to sit back and enjoy the comfort that the holiday season brings. I'll read a book or two by the fire with a nice warm mug of cocoa or maybe a chai tea latte. There must be a plate of cookies, too! It is the holiday season after all, and nothing says a cup of cheer than a goodie to go with it! As the holidays approach, and with it a new year, I always find it an appropriate time to reflect on my blessings. From a family trip to Scotland, which included a writers conference and retreat where I made some lifelong friends, to cherished memories with loved ones, to working hard and releasing what I hope are great books, to a ten year blog readership, I feel so much gratitude! Thank you for being part of my year and part of the last decade! Here's wishing you a wonderfully merry Christmas, a happy Hanukkah, and happy holidays! No matter what, how, or where you

Doomy Prepper and Cinderskella Shout Out!

I wanted to give a quick shout out to this book fair happening through December 18th. Cinderskella and Doomy Prepper are on it. If you have young readers on your shopping list, there's some great books here! Doomy Prepper is probably one of my most favorite books. He's funny and...if you didn't know...was nominated for a Cybil award! So thrilled about that! So far it's received 5 star reviews from readers! If you haven't picked up a copy, the holidays are a perfect time to do so. I'd be really grateful if you left a review! Cinderskella remains one of my bestselling books. I'm so thrilled with it's makeover by Roch Hercka. The illustrations are fabulous and the cover art is just phenomenal! It will receive a mini-makeover in the new year so you'll want to grab a copy now before those changes are made! Hope you're having a great December!