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Thick Skin

You know how they say that you have to develop thick skin as a writer?
Well, my skin is so thick I could be Edward Cullen.

That is all.

How about you?

Interview with Rose Cooper

As many of you already know, Rose Cooper and I go waaay back. Like a WHOLE ENTIRE year! We met through the group blog, From The Mixed-Up Files of Middle-Grade Authors, and the rest is pretty much history!

So when I was approached by Rose and Random House to participate in her blog tour I was kinda like "Ah, shucks!" Then, "Heck yah!" Followed by "Sa-Weet!" Because I <3 Rose and hosting for her blog tour makes me all kinds of happy! :)

And not only do we get a super fab interview with Rose, but I'm super excited to reveal some never before seen book covers!

Okay - on with the show!

Me: How much influence did you have with designing the cover?
Rose: some

Me: Can you elaborate?
Rose: I drew Sofia’s head.

Me: She has a really big head.
Rose: (shrugs).

Me: How many times did the cover change?
Rose: Once.
Me: Prove it.



Rose: I drew the toilet paper too.
Me: Yes, you have some mad skills.
Rose: The maddest.

Me: What other countries has GOSSIP been sold…

Super Secret Project!

I've been kinda absent for a while here in the blogger world, posting only occasionally. And really flaking on reading other blogs.

But, there's a good reason for it. I've been hard at work on a super secret project. But, it's not secret anymore!

Rose Cooper and I joined creative forces and built an etsy shop together! And I promise you, it's the bomb!

You'll want to visit our etsy shop, Happily Etsy After, because we're giving away a pair of earrings

and an art print to one lucky winner! Who doesn't love a good contest and free stuff?

So what are you waiting for? Head on over to Happily Etsy After and see what we're all about!

Oh and just leave a comment here to be entered!

Happiness is in the Heart, Not the Circumstances

At least that's what my Dove candy wrapper told me a few weeks back.

And I've thought long and hard about that lately.

Because I keep saying:

I'll be happy when....

I get an agent
I sell my book(s)
People are reading my book(s)
I have a successful writing career
I sell my house
I move
My daughter gets help in school
I have more money
I lose weight
Hubby is finally finished with his PhD
Spring finally blooms
It's summer vacation
The sun shines
It's the weekend so I can relax
The kids are back in school so I can write again
I finish these stupid Easter dresses
I finish some projects lying around
The laundry is done
The house is cleaned

You know what?
None of those things are going to make me happy. Because THINGS cannot make us happy. Living a good life, surrounded by friends, family and loved ones are what make us happy - should we chose to find joy in it.

So...I'm going to be happy even if:

I don't get an agent
I find my own way to publish my book(s)
I have to work hard for…