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When a Door Closes a Window Opens (or in my case, the other way around)

The other day I was on my way out the door, ready to take my daughter to school. As I walked into the open garage I heard a loud thumping noise. I looked up and there were three birds desperately trying to escape through a closed window.

My daughter and I watched these poor birds as they repeatedly slammed their heads and bodies into the glass. Slam, flap. Flap, slam! They were insistant that these windows were the only access to the beautiful world outside, even though one of my three garage doors was already wide open - an invitation just waiting for them to notice it.

But they were too desperate. These poor birds couldn't see the forest for the trees.

Knowing they would never find their way out without my help, I rushed to press the automatic opener to the garage door nearest the window.

Two birds immediately flew out. They were free! They saw an opening, an opportunity, felt the gust of fresh air and didn't wait - they flew out into their freedom and all that awa…

Welcome Jennifer Griffith!

BIG IN JAPAN author, Jennifer Griffith, is here today with a fun, light-hearted interview. So pull up a chair, enjoy some chocolate and laugh along with us!

Me:  Hey Jennifer! Welcome to my little corner of cyberspace.  While we're here, why don't you tell me something.  Would you rather sumo wrestle a skunk in a vat of peanut butter or be chased by knife wielding men in hockey masks?

Jennifer:I’d rather the sumo wrestler got into it with the skunk while I stand by watching and eating the vat of peanut butter. I am so addicted to peanuts and peanut butter! How much is too much peanut butter? I think it’s impossible to find out. And as for knife-wielding men, as long as they lend me the knives to spread peanut butter on homemade bread, they won’t need to do much chasing. I’ll even share. But they’ll have to take off their hockey masks or things could get messy.

Me:  Oh how I wish I could indulge in peanut butter again, even if it's just so I could watch that wrestling match!…