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My First Fan Art!

I had hoped it would come, I just didn't know how soon to expect it. Lucky for me, it came right away and I'm just so excited! It's the moment every middle-grade author hopes for - FAN ART!


Here's the first piece, by a very talented artist.  Feast your eyes on this!

I'm honored and thrilled and just touched with this beautiful art! I hope Cinderskella inspires lots of readers to draw, create, read, and most of all, encourages them to be themselves! That's the best thing I could ever hope for.

Cinderskella Blog Tour October 28th-October 31!

Last week began an incredible tour of blogs, including my group blog, MUF! I hope you didn't miss any of the fun. But, in case you did, you can check out this post and this one for the line-up.

This week there's even more blog hopping!

Monday, October 28th, there's another character interview at Rose Cooper's blog.
Tuesday, October 29th, I'll be doing an interview with Joann Schneider.
Wednesday, October 30th, there will be a book review (gulp, eek, double gulp) at Getting Your Read On.
On Halloween, Thursday, October 31st, there will be three stops!
The first will be with Niki Moss.
The second will be at MUF where Kit Grindstaff guest blogs.
The third will include a shout out at SA Larson's place!

So I hope you'll keep blog hopping with me this week! Don't forget, there's still a chance to win a signed copy of Cinderskella so be sure to enter at every stop of the tour!

Cinderskella Blog Tour October 22 through the 25!

Tuesday, October 22nd, we're featured at New LDS Fiction! If you leave a comment there you'll be entered to win any of the featured books that month!

Wednesday, October 23rd, we're at Elsie Park's blog.

Thursday, October 24th, find us at Sherry Gammon's place.

Finally, on Friday October 25th, there's two great stops!
First, we've got a Halloween-ish post on Janet Jensen's blog
Then, I'll be celebrating my book birthday over at MUF!

Oh, and in case I didn't mention....only THREE DAYS until Cinderskella's release!!!

Please stay tuned...I'll be announcing the winner of the Kindle Fire on Saturday the 26th - the release day for Cinderskella! Lots of reasons to celebrate!

Blog Tour for Cinderskella!

There's a great line up of interviews, guest posts and reviews for Cinderskella's blog tour!

Friday, October 18th we can be found at Ann Marie Meyers blog with my guest post detailing the inspiration behind Cinderskella.

Monday, October 21st we're at Rose Cooper's blog with a character interview. You'll get to meet one of the worst, crankiest, rudest best, happiest and most polite characters we've ever had to work with.

There's a lot more fun to come now through November 8th! So keep checking back to see where we stop along the tour!  Plus, there's a chance to win a signed copy of Cinderskella!

In the meantime, get your fingers moving on over to these blogs and see what the fun is all about!

Oh, and if you're a blogger, author, or reviewer and you'd like to be part of the blog tour, sign up here. We'd love to have you join the fun, too!

Wanna Know What's Only TEN Days Away?

The release of Cinderskella! Woot! Yippee. *Throws confetti*

You can purchase your copy at:


Barnes and Noble



Unfortunately about five days ago my publisher decided to pull the hardcover version, so there will only be paperback now. If you preordered a hardcover, message me at Cinderskella (at) aol (dot) com and I will send you some swag to make up for it. While I realize the swag is not the same as a hardcover book, I do hope to set things right with my readers by providing you something for your inconvenience, even if this was beyond my control! If you're unhappy with these decisions, I urge you to send an email to my publicist at Kirk (at) jollyfishpress (dot) com.

Thanks everyone for your support! I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for my awesome readers!!

One Month Until The Lititz Kid-Lit Festival!!!

It's hard to believe that the months have flown by so quickly and there is only one month until Bethanie and I are guest presenters at the Lititz Kid-Lit Festival in Lancaster County, PA. Thanks to Aaron's books - an incredible indie bookstore that has hosted this festival for five years - for giving us this opportunity!  

What is even more incredible is that our publisher, Jolly Fish Press, our editor, Christopher Loke and our publicist, Kirk Cunningham believed in us so much that they encouraged us to take this engagement way back in the first week of August! They helped make the arrangements and everything!

I can't believe that we'll have a signing, too and we'll have loads of books to sign!!  We'll probably get cramps in our hands! LOL! (Honestly, I hope we're not sitting there twiddling our thumbs or desperately waving our hands for people to stop at our table!)

So if you're in the area, be sure to attend the festival! Stop in and say hello. If y…

Welcome Lehua Parker, Author of One Shark, No Swim!

Aloha, Amie! Thanks for asking me to talk a little bit about my Hawaiian island heritage and the Niuhi Shark Saga. 

The Niuhi Shark Saga is an MG/YA series set in Hawaii and tells the story of Zader, a boy who was found abandoned on the reef as an infant and adopted by a loving Hawaiian family. While on the surface Zader struggles with pretty typical kid challenges like fitting in and dealing with bullies, he’s anything but typical. Zader is allergic to water—one drop on his skin is like acid. Can you imagine living in tropical rainforest near the beach but unable to get wet? For an island kid that’s impossible.
The genesis of the series comes from a movie I watched when I was seven years old.
Sprawled on the cool, polished cement floor in Kahului Elementary School’s cafeteria, all my second grade friends and I were excited about movie day. This year’s movie was from the Legends of Hawaii series. When it first began, we immediately started tittering about the half-naked ancient Hawai…

One Shark at MUF

Today I'm at MUF with Lehua Parker, author of One Shark, No Swim. Go check it out and win a book! Then come back here next week where Lehua will guest post!

Vertical by Janet Berend

I'm at MUF today with Janet Berend, author of Vertical - a skateboarding story for all ages!  Stop by and maybe you'll even win a copy!