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Autism Awareness at Cavalcade

As many of you already know, April is Autism Awareness month. What some of you may not know is that I have a daughter on the spectrum. That’s not what makes her special though. The best part about my daughter is that she’s my co-author.
     This past March, I was in Washington State presenting at Cavalcade of authors.  If you haven’t heard of this event, then you totally need to go here and learn more. I was joined by an amazing bunch of other children’s authors, as well as teachers, and students. Oh the students! Over 900 of them! From 32 different schools.
     Although Cavalcade took place on a Friday, I flew out early for an additional school visit at a local middle school the day before. At this middle school, I met with 150 enthusiastic sixth graders, who also informed me that my books had been part of the Scholastic book fair at their school (eep!!).
     Part of my workshop at Cavalcade included a power point presentation. As I prepared the slides for this workshop, I …